The Greeting From My Mother

Short Documentary ©2007 / 103 minutes

A liturgy, a litany, a laud, THE GREETING FROM MY MOTHER traces the sublime and almost invisible bonds of motherhood, daughterhood and sisterhood over "one hundred years and two world wars." Familial rites and rituals converge in the form of nebulous belief (sometimes objectively, sometimes as metonymy). Images whisper by, like rosary beads, pointing to an underlying message, a personal conclusion: the specifics are secondary, it is in reverence and repetition that salvation can be found, that an anchor can be grasped, that a weather candle can be lit.


- Ivan Lozano (Cinematexas programming director)



Portland Women's Film Festival, Portland, USA 2008

Da Vinci Film Festival, Corvallis, USA 2008

Eye Am screening (online TV), Manhattan, USA 2008

Other Cinema in der ATA (Artist Television Access) Gallery, San Francisco, USA 2007

Austin Film Festival, Austin, USA 2007

Videofest, Dallas, USA 2007

Seattle International Film Festival, Seattle, USA 2007

PDX Peripheral Documentary Experimental Film Festival, Portland, USA 2007

Wisconsin Film Festival, Madison, USA 2007



Part of "Journal of Short Film" DVD Compilation, Volume 13